Friday, November 8, 2013

11/8/2013 Rested and Excited.

Taking 2 straight rest days is never something I like to do because I like to exercise so much but I do believe it is good for the body. We are going climbing this weekend and going to watch my brother-in-law Cameron play in the High School football Playoffs. I thought it would be a good idea to be fresh before climbing so I can have an extra good time while being a monkey. Cara is going to rope up for her second time and I can't wait. This is going to be a fun weekend!

A few other things... Good Luck to the Shawnee Bears at MSC and hopefully they can bring home another golden trophy. Also, I am changing the name of this blog from the Way of the Warrior to something else. I like the name and I love the Bushido ( Way of the Warrior) Lifestyle, but I am an American male and I don't feel like I am a true warrior like the men and women that are fighting for our counry. The soldiers serving in the military are the true American Warriors and I feel that calling myself a warrior is detracting from their efforts to promote world peace. I know this is deep and I really don't need to write anything like this because hardly anyone looks at my blog anyway but I just want to put it out there who I think the real warriors are ( the people that are putting their life on the line for something greater than themselves). Thank you to all the real warriors for your sacrifice.

I think I will change the name of the blog to Keegan Rathkamp- Circuit Monkey. Because my nephew Bryce calls me Uncle Monkey. And I love to do circuit training. Cool?COOL!

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  1. I liked the old name, but change, and hopefully progression, a necessity. There are many paths, but the only true Warriors follow the Way, and I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss your travels along it as being less than any other.

    There are a few of us who follow your blog, and the insight it provides. I for one enjoy the deep stuff. Keep it up!

    Yours truly. Cobey